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Industries Served

ADEPT offers our clients personalized attention through a network of local, state and national resources. ADEPT is assisting a very diverse array of clients, from local small businesses to national and global powerhouses. We partner with government, nonprofits and other advocacy groups.

Here you can learn more about ADEPT's Clients and Industries served: and Financial services are essentials in the American economy.  Access to capital and investment security are critical to progress and job formation.

The passage of financial services reform will address both risk and opportunity for influenced enterprises. The process for implementation will be dynamic as increased regulation, complex global operations, security and privacy risks and capital requirements come in place.  It is important that industry advocates are involved as Congress and regulatory agencies seek to address their concerns. 

With the increasingly complex nature of the economy, specific expertise is at a premium.  Public and private stakeholders must engage at every step of the process to safeguard from unintentional penalties. 

ADEPT seeks to link the gap between policy makers and industry professionals.  We believe that timely and effective communication is the best way to achieve successful results. 

ADEPT clients and partners include nationally recognized leaders in their field who have substantial experience in: 

  • Afordable Housing Tax Credit
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate and Institutional Investors
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Investing in Americas's Communities
  • Government Accounting and Procedures
  • Market Rate Investment
  • Multi-Family Housing Investment
  • Services For Individuals - Personal Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Elder Care 
  • Startups, Small and Large Business Accounting - Payroll, Audit, Internal Control
  • Tax Services
  • Technology

ADEPT has provided higher education institutions and other organizations with integrated marketing and advertising solutions to help solve business challenges in various areas.

ADEPTs education sector experience includes certification programs marketing, social media, government and public affairs, lobbying and event services to institutions across the United States.  The agency has supported Broward College, Columbus State Community College, Essex County College, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harper College, Long Beach City College, Rutgers University, San Jacinto College, St. Petersburg College, Union County College and Northwestern University.

ADEPT has created social media and event toolkits with guidelines, policies and procedures for higher education institutions.  ADEPT has developed daily digital media content, public service announcements, video production and editing, calendars for scheduling and implementation of client approval software for social media marketing at colleges and universities nationwide.  Much of ADEPT’s experience has dealt with new programs and a focus on increasing new admissions at the college and university levels.

Environment pictureADEPT has a deep appreciation for what drives environment, energy and climate in a global economy.  We understand the growing energy demands necessary for continued economic growth, responding to climate and environmental pressures and protecting our nation’s natural resources for future generations. 

ADEPT represents clients providing services in the Environmental, Infrastructure and Geological fields including the following: 

  • Beach Renourishment & Coastal Restoration
  • Civil/Heavy Construction
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Fueling Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Oil and Gas Services
  • Pollutant Storage System Management
  • Public Works and Utilities Infrastructure Services
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Renewables and Clean Energy Engineering and Financing
  • Sustainability Practices
  • Vibracore Sampling and Offshore Marine Support
  • Water and Wastewater Services
  • Water Resources Engineering 
  • Water Well Contracting

Foreign Relations pictureAt ADEPT, multicultural outreach means developing a strategic implementation plan that is used to connect community interests with advocacy groups, government decision-makers and private companies. 

As our social, economic and political environment continues to change at a rapid rate, recognizing and adapting to diversity is a must. 

As minority groups continue to advance their economic and political influence, public and private organizations must incorporate multicultural interests into the community to remain competitive with outreach strategies.

Effective multicultural outreach requires the use of the right public relations tools to accomplish goals.  Today, there are numerous vehicles available to accommodate minority outreach including enhanced media tactics and grassroots efforts.  Each of these techniques can be used strategically to promote generosity and understanding. 

ADEPT can use these channels to promote brand-marketing and to help companies and public organizations reach ideal brand awareness.  Through our vast network of contacts over a broad spectrum of industires, ADEPT can help foreign investors and companies who are entering into the U.S. marketplace.

ADEPT currently represents a number of multicultural companies and organizations.  Below are a few examples of how ADEPT, our clients and partners can help you:

  • Finding the Right Partner for your Team
  • Foreign Trade Zone Consulting
  • Provide Assistance to Foreign Investors
  • Small and Minority Business Consulting
  • Start up and Small Business Advocacy

nonprofit imageNonprofit organizations are a valuable component of our economic engine.  IRS data shows there are over 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations in the United States.  Our communities are able to maintain quality of life due to these valuable organizations who provide essential programs and services.;

Nonprofits are about providing service to others, finding mutual bonds across distinct backgrounds, strengthening communities and inspiring our society in countless ways.  Daily, nonprofit entities form a vital sector that improves everyone’s life and makes our world a better place.

A successful Public Relations plan is based on great communication to leadership on a regular basis. Press releases, audience exposure and fundraising are critical to measure and analyze results in order to improve your plan as needed.  A Public Relations strategy approach must be different from the for-profit to the nonprofit organization plan. 

ADEPT’s Public Relations Team and Strategic Partners can help a nonprofit organization in the following ways:

  • Create a Public Relations plan along the entity's long-term strategies
  • Create co-marketing opportunities
  • Define and connect the organization’s objectives and results
  • Identify key board members, staff and volunteers to become involved as media spokespersons
  • Keep your staff, volunteers and donors well informed of your organization’s activities
  • Maintain a clean and updated contributor data base
  • Pitch story ideas about your cause so you become an information resource for the media

Publica Private Partnership imageGovernments at all levels, encounter challenges related to construction and financing of public infrastructure. Budgetary limitations, deferred maintenance, repair and a growing population have resulted in questions of how to best address our basic infrastructure needs.  An increasingly more sought out option is Public-Private Partnerships (P3s). P3s are contractual agreements between public and private sector entities that allow completion of a service or facility for public use.  

Rather than funding public projects, many governmental agencies have chosen to increase revenues, defer spending, reduce the risks and negotiate financing costs by partnering with the private sector. 

ADEPT can facilitate your team by identifying design, construction and financing partners as well as engage community small and minority businesses who bring critical understanding of the local landscape.    

ADEPT's Strategy and Public Relations Teams can assist the P3 process from inception into planning, design and construction through operation and maintenance.

Real Estate Development imageIn order to compete and restore our economic strength, developers are focusing on transforming our urban cores into transit, mobility and pedestrian friendly communities.  The latest and greatest contributions of development are new urbanism, green planning, design and sustainable construction.  

The redevelopment and growth of urban America’s real estate structure brings benefits and new opportunities for investors and communities.  Cities are in an exciting period of growth and renewal as America’s economic engine.  

People of all ages are choosing to live, work and play in cities.  Businesses and Research and Development centers are driving innovation.  Cultural institutions and public spaces are being re-imagined for a better quality of life.  

ADEPT currently represents multiple real estate developers who are focused on public and private ventures.  Our clients range from the largest owner of apartment properties in the United States to small land owners with one-off development projects. 

Our clients offer: 

  • Affordable Housing Development
  • Analysis and Development of Commercial Real Estate Projects
  • Asset Management Services
  • Disposition Services
  • Equity and Debt Financing for Tax Credit Properties
  • Green Building and Sustainable Solutions
  • Market Rate Development
  • Mortgage Financing Funds
  • Planning and Design for Livable and Sustainable Communities
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
  • Renewable Energy Developments and Power Purchase Agreement
  • Shopping Centers, Retail and Commercial Development
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Workforce Housing

ADEPT's Public Relations approach to Real Estate Development 

There is an uptick in the real estate market, the data is clear.  Real Estate transactions, large or small, can often be daunting, involve multiple stakeholders and are guided by emotion more than logic.  If fully applied, Public Relations is the sole communication discipline suitable to help bring parties together, build common understanding and make deals happen.  

Here are some examples of how ADEPT’s Public Relations Team can serve to enhance overall results for your development projects: 

  • Create excitement and build a community by creating special events to mark milestones
  • Market Research - generates a concise analysis of the marketplace and your customers
  • Opinion Research - public opinion research will help make the public and political landscape clearer, shape the message and energize the quiet majority who often remain on the sideline during the approval course
  • Publicity and Media Relations - in the real estate marketing mix, these continue to be immensely important and help drive marketing and social media activity
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - the future of SEO is in the ability to tell stories that readers and search engines will find interesting
  • Social Media and Content Marketing - successful real estate professionals comprehend the influence of full engagement

Government ImageToday’s economic realities require leaders of local and state government to stretch tax payer funds and search for creative answers to resource identification and deployment.  

We work with local and state government to creatively explore avenues for assistance to support critical projects. 

We identify, assess and prioritize viable opportunities, formulate and implement strategies to pursue those opportunities and serve as your advocate toward achieving your development goals.

We have years of experience helping local and state government meet their transportation, infrastructure, utility, public works and finance needs.

Our goal is to work with you to foster a meaningful relationship with local delegation members with influence over issues that impact you.

ADEPT's Public Relations arm is currently representing a municipality with over 40,000 households. We have been engaged to promote the City's cultural facilities and sports and entertainment assets.  Our team consists of experts who have represented the National Football League, Major League Baseball, The National Hockey League and the United States Olympic Team.  The team resources that ADEPT has put in place through our Consortium Concept Approach are unparalleled and can handle most Public Relations tasks assigned to us.   

Our private clients rely on us to provide insight and understanding of local and state government contracting and capital programs.  We consult our clients on a wide array of topics such as:

  • Direct Advocacy
  • Governmental Affairs Consulting and Government Relations
  • Procurement and Bid Process Representation
  • Project and Program Development
  • Sales Strategy and New Business Development
  • Small and Minority Business Enterprise Consulting 

Transportation imageMove. Build. Progress.  Transportation and infrastructure projects are fundamental to moving people, strengthening economies and satisfying demands of this ever-emergent global world.

Regardless of their significance, transportation projects and megaprojects can face many challenges, including,  planning, design, construction delays, financing problems, environmental concerns, political opposition, community opposition and unexpected crises.  Clear communication with stakeholders at all stages of project development is essential to ensure the successful achievement of any transportation and infrastructure project. 

Transportation and Infrastructure providers understand the need for Planning, Design, Construction and Financing.  From the blueprints to the red ribbon, these projects need effective community engagement through public involvement officers and outreach campaigns.  

Partnering with who knows as much about business development and strategic communications as you do about design and construction is monumental.  It is the difference between success and failure, making or breaking the budget. 

ADEPT has integrated communication channels to establish forward-looking strategy for public and private agencies that include some of the following markets: 

  • Alternative Project Delivery Methods
  • Aviation and Airports
  • Highways and Bridges
  • Municipal, Public Works and Utilities
  • Passenger and Freight Rail
  • Seaport and Marine
  • Transit and Transit Oriented Developments

ADEPT has engagements with companies who provide a multitude of services to the transportation and infrastructure industries including:  

  • Construction Engineering Inspection
  • Construction Management and Support
  • Construction Materials Testing and Inspection
  • Design Engineering Services
  • Facilities Management and Compliance
  • Geotechnical Drilling and Engineering
  • Inspections and Code Compliance
  • Project and Program Management
  • Transportation Planning

The travel and tourism industry in the United States generated nearly $1.6 trillion in economic output in 2015 and is continuously
growing into a significant market for businesses. ADEPT has adapted to these modern travel and tourism changes and is aggressively implementing strategies for clients throughout the industry.

Our goal is to use our experience and creativity to bring you, our clients interactive public relations and marketing strategies to take projects to the next level. We work hard to get your business connected with professionals from local, state, national and international tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise lines, rental car companies, attractions, restaurants, concessions, museums, historic sites, theme parks, and tour operators.

ADEPT’s Public Relations Team and Strategic Partners can help your organization in the following ways:

  • Create detailed marketing strategies to increase awareness
  • Research and execute advertising opportunities and media buys  
  • Develop and execute advertising plans   
  • Connect with influential individuals in the industry