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Flights From Fort Lauderdale, Destination: Anywhere.

Posted by: Taylor on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 12:00:00 pm

What’s a new year without some changes? The $2.3 billion expansion program underway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is said to provide nearly 100 additional Southwest Airlines flights a day.  Regularly noted for its low-hassle reputation, FLL and executives are making strong efforts to maintain convenience and reasonable pricing for guests traveling. 

The addition of a new 8,000-foot south runway is being constructed at an estimating $791 million. The finished product will lead to a major increase of the airport’s capacity as well as the amount of flexibility available to travelers, considering that it will run parallel to the north runway.  This will allow the airport will be able to handle takeoffs and landings concurrently

JetBlue, the New York-based low-cost airline, has added new FLL destinations in 2013 including Medellín, Colombia; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Lima, Peru.  The carrier plans to grow from its present 60 to 65 flights to 100 flights daily by 2017. 

There’s a lot of benefit in that new runway,” said JetBlue’s director of airports for the southeast, Scott Link. “We’ll see an improved flow of aircraft. With two runways, they’ll be able to handle arrivals and departures simultaneously.”

To ensure safety and efficiency during construction, FLL had to temporarily close a short south runway mainly in use to facilitate smaller aircraft and its diagonal runway, leaving the busy airport with only its 9,000-foot north runway.  Airport officials are confident in the timeliness of this project and expect the Sept. 18 opening date to stand.  

The Broward County-run facility is also revamping three of its terminals dating back to the 1980s and completely rebuilding Terminal 4.  This part of the expansion, not to be complete until 2017, will include new artwork, high ceilings and additional restaurants and shops.

After all is said and done, the FLL “Breeze In. Breeze Out.” slogan will prevail and travelers to and from the South Florida region will do just that. 

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