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The City of Miramar Putting Your Bond Dollars to Work

Posted by: Taylor on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 3:11:00 pm

According to a press release put out by the City of Miramar at the end of December, several informative sessions will be hosted as part of a city tour called “Your Bond Dollars at Work!”.  The information sessions were formed to enlighten the residents of Miramar about upcoming neighborhood projects and to make available the details regarding various opportunities that come along with these changes. 

Recently, the city commission invested in Miramar by approving a $50 million bond program to address various projects within the city.  The residents are not the only ones that will reap the benefits of the City’s Revenue Bond Program, local businesses will be made aware of potential opportunities with the planned projects.

Initial meetings have discussed projects planned for Central Miramar (University Drive to I-75).  For example, Miramar Police Headquarters, Police Department Specialty Vehicle Staging Facility, Crime Scene Investigation Facility, Fire Station 107, City Hall renovation and general improvement, Miramar Cultural Center modification, Facilities Capital Improvement, Monarch Lakes Park, Ansin Sports Complex and Vizcaya Park. Additional meetings will include slated future projects in West Miramar (west of I-75) including the  Miramar Community and Cultural Amphitheater, Miramar Regional Park Administrative Building and overflow parking, and Harbor Lakes Park to name a few. 

Based on turnout it is clear that the residents of Miramar see the bond dollars as an investment in the future of Miramar and the majority appear to be interested in where the City is headed in the near future.  The projects are aimed at promoting a healthy quality of life for residents and visitors of Miramar.  Long-term economic development is clearly coming for businesses and residents alike.  A significant increase in jobs is anticipated for residents, local businesses will thrive and economic development will be on the rise as a result. 

Photo courtesy of City of Miramar.




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