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To give or receive? Which is better for small business owners?

Posted by: Jennifer Nayak on Friday, January 10, 2014 at 11:00:00 am

Conscious capitalism may be a hot trend for large brands, but how can a small business make a difference without writing a large check?

Charities are relying more and more on the revenue and support of private business.  Gone are the days of generous single donors and their employers to maintain their significant needs.

Major brands can afford to make investments in non-profits relationships, ensuring their financial sustainability and gaining huge recognition.  Supporting the community is often a difficult decision for retailers and new companies where every dollar earned is a dollar re-invested or spent on staff and new product.

There are companies who have found a way.  Miss Katie’s Charm School, a local Aventura Mall retailer for women and girls, has a long-standing partnership with community outreach and sustainable giving. 

Most recently, Miss Katie’s Charm School hosted a holiday gift drive for the young women at PACE Center of Broward County.  Miss Katie’s staff took an entire day to celebrate the girls, aged 8-17, with custom gift bags filled with hot, trendy accessories every girl loves for a bright new year. 

“It’s what we have always done,’ says owner Katie Adler.  “We get creative.  It might be a donation with purchase, an announcement to our database or a goodie bag directly for girls, but we always get involved and our customers do too.”

Giving doesn’t always mean a check for charities to benefit.

When retailers and small business owners support community programs through sponsorship, it often gains a larger result.  In-kind giving of goods or services, volunteer time of staff and personal interaction through leadership or influence can often increase a charities bottom line more than a planned gift.

“My motto is if it feels good, does good and looks good, it will be good for our business too,” states co-owner Vicki Mowrey.

Miss Katie’s Charm School is located in Aventura Mall, second floor, next to Macy’s, also online at  Additional give with purchase opportunities are available yearlong.  For more information about PACE please visit

Photo courtesy of PACE.


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