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Port Jobs and Federal Funding in Broward's Near Future

Posted by: Taylor on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 5:00:00 pm

Port Everglades is looking up with news presence at a high lately; the recently simplified and revamped website being available to a variety of smart phones, Princess Cruises’ brand new ship, Royal Princess, made its debut and will take off from the port on its maiden Eastern Caribbean Cruise.  Also last minute changes in favor of Broward County made to the major water bill passed this week call for Federal Reimbursement.

With $35 million set aside to go into the enhancement of Port Canaveral, Port Everglades and Port of Tampa, Broward County did not walk away with the short end of the stick. This specific funding started in 2012 through the Strategic Port Investment Initiative within the Florida Department of Transportation's work program.

Port Everglades received $14.7 million in addition to the $13.3 million granted by the state earlier in 2013.  All of the recent state and federal funding is going towards the $122 million expansion project going on at the port in regards to the widening of the Panama Canal.

In 2010 an economic study was conducted regarding Everglades restoration and resulted in an estimation of 442,664 jobs generating over the next 50 years because of it.  Both legislature and Port Director Steven Cernak used these promising findings often in pulling for the passing of this bill. 

More often than not Federal Funding is what holds projects such as this back; Broward is fortunate to be without that obstacle.  Due to the U.S. Army Corps control of ports, coastlines, flood protection and recreational areas, approval through a Chief’s Report is required in order for groups to move forward with this plan.

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