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You are always treated as an individual, never a faceless number and we approach business development as your direct advocate.  You will have first-hand access to unequaled, expert advice on how to grow your Top-Line revenue.  We provide personalized assistance from our vast network of industry professionals and key stakeholders, to help you navigate the tricky waters of government and the private marketplace.

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Public Relations

Your message—the right message—cuts through all the clutter, straight to your target audience.  You get precise, free-flowing, honest and accurate information to aid you in making an informed decision, building trust and credibility along the way.  You will also have privileged access to experts in communications for all your outreach, marketing and advertising needs.

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Why Adept?

We listen to our customers, understand their needs, discuss alternatives and deliver results through a thoughtful and strategic capture plan.

Honesty.  We tell the truth.  We communicate in a respectful, fair, honest and open manner.

We provide an accurate picture of the challenges, policies and practices by maintaining complete dedication to quality and an intense, acute focus on our customer's goals. 


Our collection of unique cultures and experiences, education and talents help us to be a stronger and more innovative company.  We do what we believe in and we put our values into action for every situation.  

Our reputation for acting with the highest values and principles is our legacy and the strong foundation for our future.

We facilitate our clients and help “open doors” by leveraging industry understanding, standards and relationships.


Fair competition is fundamental to free initiative.  ADEPT positions our clients to win by merit.  We help our clients understand projects and programs through a sometimes intense due diligence process.  We gather research, draft examples and provide competitive intelligence.   

We are committed to proactively identifying opportunities for our clients by recognizing and exposing their qualifications and strengths. This has proved to be positively perceived by government and private industry.  

We prove it with action.  Our continued success depends on exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders and standing behind everything we do.  At ADEPT we seek to sustain long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients.

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